Advantages of IP Telephony over PBX Systems

Any business owner knows the important role that communication plays in the success of a business. Communication can make or break your business. One of the most common business communication systems is office telephone systems. The kind of office telephone systems used by your business plays a big role in the success or failure of your business. Unreliable office systems will hinder communication between the business and the customers, which means lost business. Reliable office telephone systems on the other hand significantly increase business for your organization. A good office telephone system is one that is reliable, has features that give you options and at a price that is cost-effective for the business. A PBX system may not be able to offer these, but IP telephony can. This is not to mean that the PBX connections are completely obsolete. Today, they are used as a hybrid PBX system to make inbound and outbound calls.

IP telephony has several advantages over the PBX system. This is why more and more business organizations are switching to IP telephony for their office telephone systems. IP telephony, in general terms, refers to communication over the internet. It combines voice, data, and video in a single system. IP telephony is usually bundled together with VoIP which entails making calls over the internet. While VoIP is a part of IP telephony, it is just a small fraction of it. So what makes IP telephony tick?
Unlike the PBX system, IP telephony goes beyond voice. With the internet, the communication is much more than just receiving and making voice calls. With IP telephony you can send text messages, images, videos and even a live video chat. Additionally, IP telephony allows for a chat with more than one person. With the PBX system, it was just one person talking to another on the other end of the line. IP telephony allows for teleconferencing which makes it easier for people in varied geographical locations to hold a meeting.

A business that uses IP telephony in their office telephone systems saves a great load of money. In the old system, organizations had to pay for every minute they were on the phone. IP telephone systems use your internet connection and the duration of calls do not factor in the cost. The cost of internet is much lower than what would an organization would have to pay in telephone bills. It is a great cost-cutting measure for an organization.

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